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" I would rather wear flowers in my hair than diamonds around my neck "

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29 Ogo 2014 | 10:29 PG | 0Comment

i just realiszed everyday I woke up with one hope.One hope that :
 n today,we will talk like usually that make me smile and make my day
I like this boy who is very kind person I've ever meet. He the one who make me excited when go to school or we call it college idc.Suboh when I go to surau to pray I will make sure you're there too and you're. I love it when he trying he best to talk to me while i just don't care about it and i don't seem like to talk to anyone.The way you smile with our conversation which is damp and not interesting at all .Since the day i first laid eyes on you,my feelings grew and grew.In that first conversation my knees clicked and clacked and those butterflies flipped and flapped.Im so suck when come to small talk w/ people i just not don't like to talk very much.But yeah you're smiling when talk to me .sometimes I just doesn't not into all people and I just watching you and 'll smile alone when saw you're happy with out me. I can't watch you sad or alone all the time and in that moment I just think I want to hug and sit beside you and try to make you smile again but I can't . I just can't . You're one of reasons I smile everyday and how I want to smile when you're not?smile to make me happy please? 
your smile make me smile,your eyes are enchanting,you make my thoughts seem daft .