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4 Okt 2014 | 10:13 PG | 0Comment

Today , I just wanna tell you guys about yesterday :') . For these 4 days I'm home bcs of Eid Mubarak yay! after 1 month 2 weeks can't :') haha it's feel like "merdeka! merdeka!" 

A month stuck there a lot of thing happen to me ,to my beloved one. While I was there I misses my parent,bros,sisters so much till that one night I've been crying from 1am till ... I cant remember :') the important thing is I really miss them.On the next day my eyes were very sore, when people asks me why Im crying I just smile and stay strong (elakk crying infront of them )then walk away :') I knw when I tell them,they would never care anyways. I don't what Im supposed o do that time ,Im very lost all I think I need my mom and shoulder for me crying but no one stand beside me that time. 

Nah , forget about that tragic story.

In class i've two persons that are my dormate but they just friend among them (without me) ofc they have asks me to be with them but I cant . I just cant idk why. I just think that they are very selfish they only remember me when they are on trouble ,suck ! That what you call freindship? Go die,bich please. 

Pujaan Hati:

One day , I've presentation w/ my group members.I was so closed w/ this one boy which is my pujaan hati bestfriend. I was really comfortable and I love work in group with him. So when presentation, I was standing beside that boy and I just present like usual and then I look at my love(pujaan hati). His face were not like always that full with smile that would give me more passion.
When come to his group present their presentation , I just staring at him and that time he just pretend not to see and ogle me. 

After that days I always stolen glance, he saw but he ignored it.that time, my heart shattered, crushed. what has happened, why he suddenly mad at me. the way he looked, the way he talked all such unsatisfied with me. Did I do wrong?

idk either that if I only think like that or he is utterly mad with me. If true why he should angry with me,we dont have any relay. Im the one who love you not you ? You don't know that I like you from Sem 1 right? 

Yesterday, I tried to move on. 

Aku tak pernah ber"akukau" dgn kau sebelum ni tapi semalam 3/10 aku terpaksa buat macam tu,sbb ku dapat rasa kau suka someone dalam kelas tu. Cara kau pandang dia,kau tenung dia,bila dia bercakap kau fokus gila. Aku tak sebaik dia,saya tak sebaik dia awk .Saya tahu tu .

kau tak nampak ke aku cuba jauh dari kau,but tengok ah , kau buat aku pujuk kau balik. Aku cuba layan kau macam kawan aku yang lain :') 2-3 minggu ni aku taknampak pon baiknya kau,yg aku nampak ego kau. Ego kau yang nak bentak,nak jeling,nak layan orang ikut hati kau. 

Aku harap lepas ni,aku dah takda perasaan kat kau.Supaya bila aku dapat tahu satu hari nanti yang kau suka orang lain, dan masa tu aku takkan sakit hati dah :') .